Wrong Side of Town

One wrong turn and you'll get gangbanged! See what we do to innocent babes who wander into our hood! These brothers lay lots of pipe for their little white hoes! Wrong Side of Town is one of our favorite interacial and sites on the web.
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Faith wanted so desperately to fuck him she was overwhelmed by this need. Yet, she held back, knowing if she did go for it right then and there she would have to suffer the wrong side of town consequences. Her pussy was overflowing with wrong side of town juices as she waited patiently on top of his hard body. "Faith. I want you to listen very carefully to me. Slowly slide off his body." Faith did as she was told. "Yeah that's it baby. Slide that wet pussy of yours down his body. Now, I want you to blow his precious hard cock. Fuck him with your mouth, Faith." she ordered. Faith bent down and pressed wrong side of town her lips firmly against Tyler's hard cock. She thought he would wrong side of town explode right there from his intensified reaction. I rarely wear a bra, and only about half the time do I have panties or a thong on. I have found any number of daring, sexy and unique ways to expose part or all of myself in public, and it is definitely not "accidental" by any means. That is not to say that I will not stage "accidental" exposure for the right wrong side of town situation, oh no, I have done so and it is highly erotic to pretend to be embarrassed. Bottom line here, I like to be naked, but I love to be seen naked. One final point, and that is that I am not at all like anyone else you may read about, hear about, dream about of know. I expose myself, intentionally, for the thrill it gives me and even more so for the thrill it gives unsuspecting others.

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