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I have always loved handjobs. Handjobs are usually the first sexual experience. With this, my personal website, I bring you real amateur footage of beautiful girls giving amazing handjobs. I always hated how on other websites you get a good handjob, but you never see the girl naked?! It didn't make sense to me. I want to see the soft caress of a handjob with huge breasts bouncing to the rythm of her stroke...just like first sexual experiences really are. So sit back and enjoy. Tugjobs Movies is one of our favorite tugjob and sites on the web.
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That's when I noticed that she had gotten out my toys and placed them beside us on the king size bed. I reached over and got out the long whip. tugjobs movies "Get down there and eat me!" I commanded. I propped myself up against a tugjobs movies mound of pillows and spread my legs wide. Alexia crawled down between my tugjobs movies legs and stated probing her tongue between the folds of my pussy. Her ass was stuck straight up in the air. I heard her whisper softly but urgently, "Spank me." My whip was just long enough so that when I flicked it, it struck her ass dead on. She jumped and moaned into my pussy. I flicked it again. She moaned louder and stuck her face deeper into my tugjobs movies cunt. The woman was gorgeous, with Amazonian proportions. Tall, broad-shouldered, with fantastic heavy breasts and a great big heart-shaped ass. I'm not typically what you'd call an ass man, but with this girl it was hard not to notice. She had short hair and very dark skin, looked to be about my age (23 then.) I sank back into the shadows of my apartment and watched. I've never been a tugjobs movies lurk in the bushes Peeping Tom type, but I'm not one to ignore a free show, either. I watched the woman for several minutes as she walked around her apartment un-self-consciously, obviously trying to cool off by air-drying. Finally, she crawled into bed, still naked, and turned off the lights, ending that night's performance.

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