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Wasup guys it's me Preston here with another episode of BangBus. So we were chilling, picking up some girls with my friend Chino, who is half Puerto Rican, and half Chinese. So we started looking for girls, but we were cruising in an old town. There were no young people around so we went to Hollywood to try our luck. So when we got there we met this chic called Trish, very cute, and with a nice ass. We convinced her to take a ride with us, and she accepted. We went around, and Chino started making out with her, and one thing led to the other. The funny thing is, we were going to ditch her, and we crashed, and the footage in the tape got fucked up, but we got her fucking so don't worry! Trish at Bangbus. Trish Likes Chinese! is one of our favorite reality and sites on the web.
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As he laid me down I felt the anticipation of trish at bangbus. trish likes chinese! him sucking on my clit and shivered with pure arousal. Slowly and ever so gently he spread trish at bangbus. trish likes chinese! my legs and proceeded to trish at bangbus. trish likes chinese! lick my inner thighs, moving slowly towards the mound that was aching for his touch. As his trish at bangbus. trish likes chinese! tongue touched my clit I thought my head would explode. His fingers sought my warm, wet pussy and he slipped 2 fingers inside, finger-fucking me while he took care of my clit. I got so excited I grabbed his head and made him suck me harder - it felt so good. I tried to hold off the climax because it felt so damn good but I got to the point I could not hold back any more and that's when he pushed me beyond the point of no return. My hand slid between her legs. I could feel how wet she was even through her shorts. "I gotta be crazy," Erica said when she pulled away. "My mama always said she's rather I be a trish at bangbus. trish likes chinese! dyke than be with a white guy." "Really?" "Yeah," Erica teased me, her lips inches from mine. "But I don't always do what my mama says." "Have you ever been with a girl, then?" I had to ask. "Shit," Erica laughed. "One time, this girl Crystal and me, we were drunk and high and she asked me if she could eat my pussy." "Did you let her?" "I never say no to getting my pussy ate." "Really," I said, getting down on my knees without hesitation. Erica obliged me by peeling off her shorts and spreading her legs.

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