Sierra Sanchez at Bangbus. Spring Break '09

Hey guys Preston here bringing you guys another amazing bangbus update. This week its quite special due to the fact that is SPRING BREAK!!!! horny girls walking around galore!!any who me and the crew our out doing our thing and we come across a lot of lovely ladies that are more than willing to come hang out with us on the bus, but when things get deep they all back out except for 2 lovely ladies that were troopers, well one more than the other but u guys get the point, guys Stay tuned!! this update will not dissapoint! Sierra Sanchez at Bangbus. Spring Break '09 is one of our favorite reality and sites on the web.
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That's when I noticed that she had gotten out my toys and placed them beside us on the king size bed. I reached over and got out the long whip. sierra sanchez at bangbus. spring break '09 "Get down there and eat me!" I commanded. I propped myself up against a sierra sanchez at bangbus. spring break '09 mound of pillows and spread my legs wide. Alexia crawled down between my sierra sanchez at bangbus. spring break '09 legs and stated probing her tongue between the folds of my pussy. Her ass was stuck straight up in the air. I heard her whisper softly but urgently, "Spank me." My whip was just long enough so that when I flicked it, it struck her ass dead on. She jumped and moaned into my pussy. I flicked it again. She moaned louder and stuck her face deeper into my sierra sanchez at bangbus. spring break '09 cunt. As Frank moves his mouth down to take her right nipple into his mouth Kevin's tongue gets in and licks from bottom to top between her nether lips and then as Bill joins Frank on her nipples Kevin's tongue hits her clit and the earthquake begins. Her back arches again and pushes her pussy up into Kevin's face fixing it so that now his nose is rubbing against her clit and she squeals with the pleasure. This goes on for a few minutes more. Kevin leaves his face buried in her cunt with his nose rubbing on her clit and his tongue fucks up into her love canal. For Fran the sierra sanchez at bangbus. spring break '09 orgasm is tremendous, rolling over her body and mind becuase of Kevin's not letting up until he runs short of breath.

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