Isabella at Bangbus. Flower Mamas!!

Hey everyone! Preston Parker, bringing you this week's BangBus update. This week we were out on 8th street and we came across these 2 fly little mamas buying some flowers. You know me, I had to jump at the opportunity. Like any woman out there, these chicks love when guys buy them flowers. I used that as leverage in my favor but surprisingly enough I didn't need to much persuasion for these gals. They climbed right on in the BangBus with us and the little spanish mamacita was so fly and CRAZY. Things get really interesting if you know what i mean. Check this update out it wont disappoint....Stay tuned!!!!!! Isabella at Bangbus. Flower Mamas!! is one of our favorite reality and sites on the web.
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A finger entered her ass smoothly stretching her, wetting her. She wondered if that was isabella at bangbus. flower mamas!! next, to be fucked in her ass. The finger was deep in her ass, moving in circles, she thought, when two fingers entered her very wet pussy and began to fuck her. Her isabella at bangbus. flower mamas!! hips moved by themselves, on auto-pilot, moving to find the right groove to receive what was being done to her. Sensations, she reminded herself in the midst of it all, it's all about the mixture of sensations. The taste of the isabella at bangbus. flower mamas!! cum in her mouth, the feel of cooling juices dripping down her inner thighs, the feel of the fingers in her pussy, the feel of the finger isabella at bangbus. flower mamas!! fucking her ass. All of it together, all of it mixed as one. Once a couple of years ago, I even asked Laura to lick my asshole. She hesitated a bit, until I assured her I would clean up as well as I could. When I came back from washing, pulled my legs back as far as they would go and Laura licked my butt, it was one of the weirdest, most fantastic sensations I'd ever experienced. So, anyway, my wife knew I liked having my butt played with, and her finger wiggled around a little in my tight little hole, while her mouth and tongue did some major isabella at bangbus. flower mamas!! work on my cock. The combination was getting me close, but I was trying to hold back, since I wanted to cum in her pussy. I caressed Laura's long, reddish hair and said, "Hold on, baby, I want inside you.

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