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This week's bus comes to you courtesy of Gotti. No! not the mobster. He's some new kid hanging out at BangBros. This kid is like a female magnet. He can pull any girl, I swear to Gotti. Anyway, I've been a little under the weather lately and my girl trapping skills have been a bit off. So Gotti calls Al-B and he's talking about how he scored with some fat chick. I was cool with that. A fat chick is better than no chick at all. Plus everyone knows fat chicks give good head. So we get there and the girl wasn't fat at all. She was hot! She had great tits and a fabulous ass. Gotti told her the old "we interview people for money story." That shit always works. How vein are women when 90% of the time that works? It's like,"Hey baby you wanna get on the bus?" "HELL NO!" "You wanna get on the bus so we can ask you questions about yourself?" "Well when you put it that way, SURE!" Girl's are weird sometimes. They sure are fun to fuck though. Gotti hit that ass from all angles. He had the rythum of a drummer, straight tapping that ass ,u no wat im sayn? Anyway, hope you guy's dig the flick, Oh ya the girl gives amazing head. Watch the trailer for visual confirmation. -Sanchez Hailey at Bangbus. Hailey is one of our favorite reality and sites on the web.
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His massive hailey at bangbus. hailey black cock was lying on his stomach, the tip pushing up past his navel and she grabbed it pulling it upwards. hailey at bangbus. hailey Katherine bent down and took the head into her mouth. She started hailey at bangbus. hailey sucking the monstrosity taking a little more into her mouth with each suck. Thank god Dunnell's cock had already loosened up her jaws or she didn't think she could swallow something this big. She heard him moan when his cock started sliding into her throat. She tried as hard as she could, but she could only get about ten inches into her mouth. Luckily, he seemed content with that and she began to rapidly suck his cock. Katherine found that she loved hailey at bangbus. hailey sucking cock especially Horse's king cock. Alexia stammered. I quickly grabbed a rag for a gag and gagged up Alexia. "I'll explain everything, dear." I said. "Alexia, I'm sorry, but I told Roy about us, behind your back. And it wasn't as you predicted. Roy is actually excited and wanted to surprise you tonight. Right, Roy?" I smiled at hailey at bangbus. hailey him. "Hell, yes!! Let's get this party started." Roy started tearing away at his clothes. I started whipping Alexia's ass again. It took her a while to get back into the mood, but Of course I coaxed her. Roy was on the bed now with us. His cock was very hard. He started fingering Alexia's ass. She started rocking back onto his hand. He then slapped her ass and let out this war whoop.

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